Year: 2005 Source: Salud Mental, v.28, no.2, (April 2005), p.40-47 SIEC No: 20080278

Nationally representative data from Mexico are presented on the lifetime & 12-month prevalence of the onset of suicide ideation, suicidal plans, & suicide attempt as well as associated DSM-IV psychiatric disorders & service utilization. Data are from the Mexican National Comorbidity Survey which was carried out in 2001-2003 with a sample of 5,782 respondents, age 18 & over. 8.3% reported lifetime ideation, 3.2% reported a lifetime plan, & 2.8% reported lifetime suicide attempt(s). The prevalence for 12-month suicidal behaviours was 2.3%, 1.0%, & 0.6%, respectively. Having met criteria for one or more of the DSM-IV disorders assessed in the survey was common. Approximately 1 of every 4 lifetime attempters reported having ever seen a psychiatrist. (42 refs.)