Year: 2008 Source: Journal of Affective Disorders, v.105, no.1-3, (January 2008), p.25-33 SIEC No: 20080206

The authors report prospective associations of baseline risk factors with the first onset & persistence of suicide-related outcomes (ideation, plans, gestures, & attempts) over a 10-year interval among respondents who participated in both the 1990-02 National Comorbidity Survey & the 2000-02 follow-up. A total of 5001 respondents were re-interviewed. New onsets included 6.2% suicide ideation, 2.3% plan, 0.7% gesture, & 0.9% attempts. The strongest predictors of later outcomes were baseline suicide-related outcomes. Prospective associations of baseline mental disorders with later suicide-related outcomes were largely limited to the onset & persistence of ideation. (39 refs.)