Year: 2008 Source: Comprehensive Psychiatry, v.49, no.1, (January-February 2008), p.13-21 SIEC No: 20080132

Suicide ideation, plans, & attempts & potential risk factors were assessed in a community survey conducted with 4712 adult Italians. The lifetime prevalence of suicide ideation, plans, & attempts was 3.0%, 0.7%, & 0.5% respectively. Among ideators, the probability of ever making a plan was 24.6% & an attempt was 18.2%. The probability of making an attempt for ideators having made a suicide plan was nearly 50%. Risk factors for lifetime suicidal behaviours were female gender, younger cohort, fewer years of education, & earlier onset age of ideation. The presence of a common mental disorder, especially if comorbid, was associated with a significantly increased risk for ideation, plans, & attempts. (43 refs.)