Year: 2007 Source: American Journal of Psychiatry, v.164, no.1, (January 2007), p.134-141 SIEC No: 20080100

314 patients with DSM-III-R major depression or bipolar disorder seeking treatment for a major depressive episode were followed for 2 years. During follow-up, 16.6% of the patients attempted or died by suicide. Family history of suicidal acts, past drug use, cigarette smoking, borderline personality disorders, & early parental separation each more than tripled the risk of future suicidal acts. For women, the risk for future suicidal acts was 6-fold greater for prior suicide attempters; each past attempt increased future risk 3-fold. Suicide ideation, lethality of past attempts, hostility, subjective depressive symptoms, fewer reasons for living, comorbid borderline personality disorders, & cigarette smoking also increased the risk of future suicide acts for women. (52 refs.)