Year: 2007 Source: Theory and Psychology, v.17, no.5, (2007), p.697-720 SIEC No: 20070955

Theoretical publications have been relatively few and far between in suicidology. This paper is a contribution to the theoretical development of this field. A model of suicidal behaviour as communication (MoSBaC) is elaborated through a combination of Scandinavian theories within the framework of communication theory and semiotics. The model is functional as it can be used as a tool to analyse both verbal and non-verbal data. It is also flexible in the sense that a variety of qualitative data can be analysed systematically by this model. The typology of the model also is suitable for quantitative approaches. The scientific and multidisciplinary grounds on which a model should be built, what requirements it has to meet, as well as the methodological consequences of this, are also discussed.