Year: 2007 Source: The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, v.52, suppl.1, (June 2007), p.21-34 SIEC No: 20070693


This is Part 1 of a 2-part review of suicidal behaviour in children and adolescents. Part 1 explores the phenomenology and epidemiology of suicide in children and adolescents.


Systematic review of the literature since 1966. Behaviours included within this spectrum are discussed and differentiated. The literature regarding the impact of demographic, social, and psychological risk factors is summarized.


Suicide rates in youth are declining, but the reasons are speculative. Suicidal behaviour comprises a spectrum with differing frequencies and risk factors. While some risk factors are fixed, such as age and family history, others, such as psychiatric illness and stressors, may be amenable to intervention.