Year: 2007 Source: Social Science and Medicine, v.64, no.3, (February 2007), p.747-754 SIEC No: 20070521

Time trends in age- & means-specific male & female Australian suicide rates are examined in relation to unemployment rates & the National Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy. Based on Australian suicide data over the period 1996-2003, secular changes in the 20-24 year male suicide to crude male suicide rate ratio in relation to the Strategy are assessed. Results show a dramatic reduction in Australian young male suicide has occurred since 1997-1998. The decrease has occurred mainly in non-impulsive means & at the same time has broken a long-standing secular link between 20-24-year-old male suicide & unemployment, lending plausibility to the case for the National Strategy having had an impact on young male suicide in Australia. (22 refs)