Year: 2003 Source: Journal of Traumatic Stress, v.16, no.1, (February 2003), p.17-25 SIEC No: 20061040

The violent death bereavement trajectories of 173 parents were examined by following them prospectively for 5 years after their children’s deaths by accident, suicide, homicide, or undetermined causes. The study examined how the initial level of posttraumatic stress disorder & the rate of change over time were influenced by 9 predictors: cause of death, parent gender, self-esteem, 3 coping strategies, perceived social support, concurrent levels of mental distress, & an intervention offered in early bereavement. 6 of the 9 factors predicted initial levels of posttraumatic stress disorder; however, only parent gender & perceived social support predicted change over the 5-year timeframe. (48 refs.)