Year: 1997 Source: International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, v.12, no.3, (March 1997), p.337-343 SIEC No: 20060993

A random sample of participants (age 81+) from a cohort in a pre-existing epidemiological study of dementia were selected for an interview. 125 of 170 eligible participants were interviewed as were 118 of 125 informants. The relationship between suicidal thinking & both cognitive impairment & depression was studied. 9 people showed suicidal thinking – all women. 6 had clinical evidence of cardiovascular/cerebrovascular disease. No significant associations were found between suicidal thinking & Geriatric Depression Scale scores, Alzheimer-type dementia alone, awareness of memory difficulties or severity of dementia. Because of methological limitations, the authors suggest the significance of the results be viewed with caution. (35 refs.)