Year: 2006 Source: Indian Journal of Pediatrics, v.73, no.9, (September 2006), p.783-788 SIEC No: 20060986

Data was collected from 1205 adolescents from 2 Indian schools. Semistructured questionnaires asked about demographic variables, nonfatal suicidal behaviour, death wishes, & deliberate self-harm. Prevalence of suicide ideation (lifetime), suicide ideation (last year), suicide attempt (lifetime), & suicide attempt (last year), were 21.7%, 11.7%, 8%, & 3.5% respectively. Hindu religion, female gender, older age, physical abuse by parents, feeling neglected by parents, history of running away from school, history of a friend’s suicide, death wishes, & delberate self-harm were found to be significant risk factors for nonfatal suicidal behaviour. (22 refs.)