Year: 2006 Source: Death Studies, v.30, no.6, (July-August 2006), p.555-560 SIEC No: 20060964

In Lester’s reply to Feldman & Leenaars, he asserts their commentaries are less than persuasive insofar as they are grounded in an arbitrary & potentially inappropriate advocacy of communal rather than individual values, in unproven assumptions about the constricted & illogical reasoning of suicidal persons, in an implicit equation of their acts with sins, &/or in a failure to recognize that the acceptance of suicide can sometimes be a compassionate response to intolerable psychache. In contrast, Lester continues to assert it is unfair to impose restrictions & moral judgments on death-choices when they are not imposed on life-choices that also carry the risk of emotional harm to others. (14 refs.)