Year: 2003 Source: Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics, v.6, no.1, (March 2003), p.37-46 SIEC No: 20060626

This paper looks at the role of alcohol-related policies in reducing suicides by American youth & young adults. Data on suicides for each state were analysed for the period 1976-1999. Results indicate that increases in the excise tax on beer were associated with a reduced number of male suicides. This tax, however, had no impact on female suicides. Suicides by males, ages 20-24, were positively related to the availability of alcohol & negatively related to the presence of a 0.08 blood alcohol concentration. Females suicides were not impacted by alcohol availability, although drunk driving laws may impact female suicides. Future research should explore other policies & programs to reduce female suicides. (26 refs.)