Year: 2005 Source: BMC Medicine, v.3, no.1, (August 22, 2005), p.14-18 SIEC No: 20051877

The authors obtained unpublished data on paroxetine that has not been included in previous analyses of the side effects of antidepressants on children. 16 studies in which paroxetine had been randomised against placebo were reviewed. The number of suicides, suicide attempts, & ideation were registered. The authors corrected for duration of medication & placebo treatment & used a standard Bayesian statistical approached with varying priors. There were 7 suicide attempts among patients on paroxetine & 1 in a patient on placebo. The probability of increased intensity of suicide attempts per year in adults taking paroxetine was 0.90 with a “pessimistic” prior & somewhat less with two more neutral priors. Findings support the results of other meta-analyses. (10 refs.)