Year: 2004 Source: Occupational and Environmental Medicine, v.61, no.6, (June 2004), p.488-494 SIEC No: 20051718

Psychiatric disorders, somatic health, & professional effects in French train drivers who had experienced a “person under train” accident were investigated. A total of 202 train drivers were evaluated several times, immediately after the event, 3 months later, & 1, 2, & 3 years later. These drivers were compared with 186 train drivers who had not experienced such an accident. In the exposed group, at the first evaluation the prevalence of post-traumatic stress was 4% for both the overall result & 3 sub-scores. Scores on the GHQ-28 were significantly higher than in the nonexposed group. Over 95% of subjects had no short, medium or long-term impairment of their occupational fitness. (20 refs.)