Year: 2001 Source: [S.l.], [S.n.]. (2001). 40 p. SIEC No: 20041320

Thirteen case studies were conducted as part of the impact evaluation of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation  (AHF). The case study process included data collection on selected social indicators that were to be used to measure the  impact of projects over time. In particular, data was collected for the year prior to AHF funded activity and once again in the year 2003, an approach known in the evaluation field as a within groups repeated measures design. The case studies are intended to provide a detailed, holistic view of the projects and their outcomes. All data collection, analysis, and synthesis was done by community support coordinators under the facilitative guidance of Kishk  Anaquot Health Research. The project that forms this case study is entitled, “Our Youth, the Voice of the Future” (AHF-funded project # RB-175-NB). It is described in the application as “An integrated prevention, early  intervention, and aftercare initiative which focuses on the youth at risk of Big Cove.” This report provides a holistic overview of the Big Cove Youth Intervention Project (referred to by the community as the “Youth Initiative”),  including a description of important community characteristics and conditions that may influence the project. Sources of information used in this case study include project files (funding proposal and quarterly reports); the project’s response to the AHF National Process Evaluation Survey (NPES) sent to all funded projects in February 2001; key informant interviews with the project team and selected community service providers; and documents and data collected by the community support coordinator as part of the case study process.