Year: 1989 Source: International Journal of the Addictions, v.24, no.7, (1989), p.655-673 SIEC No: 20030045

A sample of 572 women from 21 drug treatment centers in 11 states was divided into two groups – age 35 & over, & under 35 – to roughly correspond to whether they had reached adulthood before or after the cultural shifts of the early 1970s which marked the transition of experimentation with illicit drugs from a deviant behavior to a normative behavior among adolescents in the United States, as well as the resurgence of the feminist movement in the same country. Younger & older women were found to exhibit significant differences with respect to substance use patterns & prevalence of eating disorders, childhood antisocial behaviors, suicide attempts, & abuse by boyfriends & spouses. (12 refs)