Year: 1986 Source: Psychological Reports, v.58, (1986), p.775-782 SIEC No: 20021185

Four inpatient groups were identified based on age ( 54 yr.) and current suicidal behavior (suicidal, nonsuicidal but depressed) and compared on these variables. Older suicidal inpatients were different formt he other groups of inpatients on very few variables. Older suicide patients were given a diagnosis of depression, made more suicidal gestures, had suicidal ideations (except for younger suicidal group ), and tended not act-out relative to other groups. On the psychometic measures, age, and not suicidal problems, was largely responsible for any differences between older suicidal patients and the other groups. Many traditional aging suicidal variables did not differentiate among the groups. (20 refs)