Year: 2001 Source: Journal of Personality Assessment, v.76, no.2, (April 2001), p.333-351 SIEC No: 20021076

The authors examine the relation between the Rorschach Comprehensive System’s Suicide Constellation and lethality of suicide attempts during the course of patients’ hospitalization at the Austen Riggs Center (Stockbridge, MA). Patient records were rated as nonsuicidal, parasuicidal, or near-lethal based on the presence and lethality of self-destructive acts. Diagnostic efficiency statistics utilizing a cutoff score of 7 or more positive indicators successfully predicted which patients would engage in near-lethal suicidal activity relative to parasuicidal patients, nonsuicidal patients, and college students. Logistic regression analysis revealed that an S-CON score of 7 or more was the sole predictor of near-lethal suicide attempts among 9 psychiatric and demographic variables. (47 refs)