Year: 2001 Source: Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, v.15, no.3, (June 2001), p.99-106 SIEC No: 20021063

The purpose of this retrospective review of medical records was to examine how no-suicide contracting affected the likelihood of self-harm behaviour in psychiatric inpatient settings. 31 patients engaged in self-harm behaviours representing 2.65% of all patients admitted to both study settings during the 6 1/2-month period in which data were collected. Approximately half of those patients expressed suicidal intent. Logistic regression analysis suggested that patients with no-suicide contracts & with higher levels of restrictions had a significantly higher likelihood of self-harm behaviour. Prevention of self-harm behaviours by the use of no-suicide contacting was not shown. Negotiation of a contract is likely a reflection of staff assessment that the patient was at high risk for suicide. (29 refs.)