Year: 2002 Source: Journal of Forensic Sciences, v.47, no.1, (January 2002), p.131-136 SIEC No: 20021027

Drowning as a method of suicide is known to occur, but has primarily been described in environments with readily available access to water, such as coastal regions. In this study, we describe & analyze a series of suicidal drownings occurring in a noncoastal area of Texas. Between 197701996, 52 cases of suicidal drownings were investigated at the Southwestern Institute of Forensic Sciences in Dallas, Texas. Such deaths accounted for only 0.85% of all suicides & 4% of all drowning deaths. In contrast, suicidal drownings reportedly account for 2.8 to 8.9% of all suicides in regions with easy access to water. Victims were usually sober white males over 40. (13 refs)