Year: 2002 Source: Depression and Anxiety, v.15, no.1, (2002), p.34-41 SIEC No: 20020902

In a cross-sectional analysis, we determined whether 165 patients with Bipolar Disorder (I, II) or Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), both with seasonal pattern, showed different symptom profiles while depressed. Patients with Bipolar Disorder (I & II) were more depressed & showed more psychomotor agitation & social withdrawl than those with MDD. Bipolar I patients had more psychomotor retardation, late insomnia, & social withdrawl than bipolar II patients. Men showed more obsession/compulsions & suicidality than women, while women showed more weight gain & early insomnia. Results comprise a set of biological & sociocultural factors- including race, gender & marital & employment status- which contribute to depressive symptomatology in SAD. (48 refs)