Year: 2001 Source: Lancet, v.358, no.9299, (December 2001), p.2110-2112 SIEC No: 20020727

Calculated standardised mortality ratios (SMRs) & directly standardised rate ratios for death by homicide, suicide, & accident in people admitted to hospital because of mental illness. The population-based study involved 72,208 adults listed in the Danish Psychiatric Case Register between 1973-1993. 25% of patients died from unnatural causes. Results show raised SMRs for homicide, suicide, & accident for most psychiatric diagnoses regardless of sex. There was an increased risk of dying by homicide in men with schizophrenia & in men with affective psychosis. The highest risk of death by homicide & accident were in alcoholism & drug use. Suicide risk was highest in drug use. People with mental disorders are at increased risk of death by homicide. (9 refs.)