Year: 2002 Source: Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, v.56, no.3, (March 2002), p.237 SIEC No: 20020678

Comments on the study by K. Hawton et al that concluded that, compared to the general population, female National Health Services (NHS) doctors have about twice the expected suicide rate & male NHS doctors have about half the expected suicide rate. The current author notes that this conclusion in misleading because the excess suicide risk of female doctors was relative to the comparable age/gender section of the general population. However, that finding is irrelevant to the question at issue: inter-gender differences in the suicide risk of doctors within the NHS. As female suicide risk is quasi-universally lower than male suicide risk, it can be predicted that the suicide rate of the medical profession is more likely to decrease than increase as more women enter medicine. (1 ref.)