Year: 2001 Source: Journal of Adolescence, v.24, no.4, (August 2001), p.447-460 SIEC No: 20020623

This study examined the frequency of depression & related constructs of suicidal ideation & hopelessness in a sample of homeless older adolescents & their associations with behaviours that may increase the risk of sexually transmitted disease (STD). Overall, 12.2% had a current DSM-IV diagnosis of major depression & 6.5% had dysthmia, with higher rates for female & older participants. Depression appeared to precede rather than follow homelessness & was associated with STDs, infrequent condom use, a non-heterosexual orientation, & lifetime homosexual experience. Unlike depression, suicidal ideation & hopelessness were associated with higher rates of IV drug use but lower rates of multiple sex partners &, in young homeless women, less sexual coercion. Depression is frequent in homeless older adolescents & has a complex association with STD-related behaviours. (48 refs)