Year: 2001 Source: Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, v.31, no.3, (Fall 2001), p.282-302 SIEC No: 20020310

This investigation examined self-reported psychopathology in a school-based sample of 456 suicidal & nonsuicidal adolescents. The sample consisted of 4 groups: three at-risk for suicidal behaviour based on current suicidal ideation & one nonsuicidal comparison group. Psychopathology was examined using 10 scales from the Adolescent Psychopathology Scale. Analyses were conducted separatly for males & females. Males with current suicidal thoughts who had attempted suicide had the highest levels of psychopathology severity compared to males in the other 3 groups. Famles with a past suicide attempt or current suicidal ideation had higher psychopathology severity scores compared to nonsuicidal females. The need for caregivers working with at-risk youth to focus on concurrent psychopathology along with suicidal behaviour is discussed. (55 refs.)