Year: 1998 Source: Journal of Adolescence, v.21, no.4, (August 1998), p.427-433 SIEC No: 20020234

The purpose of this study is to ascertain rates of suicidal ideation & self-harm in a classroom population of 13- & 14-year-old children using a screening questionnaire & to confirm accuracy of these screening results by home interview. There were significant differences between suicidal ideation rates at screening & at home interview (44% vs. 29%) & between self-harm rates (8% vs. 2%). Those with suicidal ideation at home interview believed more in a “right to suicide” & believed suicidal ideation to be more widespread among adolescents. School factors were believed to be important in the causation of adolescent suicide. Fewer than one-fifth would advise a suicidal friend to consult a psychiatrist. (17 refs.)