Year: 2001 Source: Death Studies, v.25, no.7, (October-November 2001), p.593-607 SIEC No: 20020217

This study of 139 women & 75 men investigated the incremental validity of the MMPI-2 in assessing suicidal ideation by examining the unique contribution of the 15 content scales beyond what is provided by the 13 basic validity & clinical scales. A multivariate analysis of variance resulted in a significant difference on the validity, clinical, & content scales for young men & women. Women scored significantly higher than men on the Hypochondriasis, Depression, Conversion Hysteria, & Masculinity-Femininity scales & lower than men on the Hypomania, Fears, Anger, & Type A scales. It appears a different pattern of concerns & difficulties are manifested in young men & women related to suicidal ideation. Limitations of this study & future directions for research are discussed. (34 refs.)