Year: 1994 Source: The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, v.15, no.4, (December 1994), p.328-330 SIEC No: 20020138

This study was conducted to explore & quantitate racial & ethnic patterns in the manner & circumstances of firearm deaths in Dallas County, Texas. Autopsy & investigation reports of 554 consecutive cases from March 1992-February 1993 were reviewed. Overall suicide rates by race for 1970 & 1990 were calculated. Suicide rates for blacks have increased while overall rates (all races) have decreased slightly. Large racial & ethnic differences in the homicide-suicide ratio were found. The data suggest that the subtypes, psychodynamics, & causes of suicide may currently differ among racial & ethnic groups. These differences should be considered in formulating prevention strategies & in the assessment of the suicide & homicide risk in depressed individuals. (5 refs.)