Year: 1993 Source: European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, v.2, no.1, (January 1993), p.10-18 SIEC No: 20011647

Psychological autopsy studies & complementary results from other studies of adolescent completed suicide are reviewed. These studies show the majority of adolescent suicide completers had suffered from severe psychosocial symptoms. Approximately two-thirds of the victims had communicated their suicidal intentions, & about one-third had made a previous suicide attempt. Less than half of the adolescent victims had been under psychiatric care, & even fewer were in care at the time of their suicide. Current knowledge on the specific risk factors for adolescent completed suicide is not conclusive. Further research is needed for understanding, for example, the mediating mechanisms of family related risk factors & the role of antisocial & aggressive behaviour in adolescent suicide. (55 refs.)