Year: 1998 Source: Neuropsychobiology, v.38, no.2, (1998), p.70-72 SIEC No: 20011541

The relation of parasuicide typology to whole blood concentrations of serotonin, HVA, & tryptophan was examined in 58 patients classified into 4 groups of parasuicide typology compared to 22 nonsuicidal depressed patients, & 20 healthy subjects. Suicidal patients classified as impetuous, desperate, & ambivalent types had significantly reduced whole blood 5-HT levels in comparison with the appealing type as well as nonsuicidal subjects. No differences were detected in the HVA content, but whole blood tryptophan concentrations were significantly reduced in impetuous suicidal patients & depressed patients compared to healthy subjects. (7 refs.)