Year: 2000 Source: Journal of Psychosomatic Research, v.49, no.6, (December 2000), p.439-445 SIEC No: 20011483

Consecutive suicide attempters were clinically evaluated & their sociodemographic & clinical characteristics compared with those of other patients seen in the psychiatric service of the main general hospital in the Fiji Islands between January 15, 1999 & January 14, 2000. 39 suicide attempters were seen, representing 36.8% of all cases referred to the psychiatric service. The majority were young (56.4%), Indian (59%), female (61.5%), students (41%), never married (74.4%), & of Hindi faith (48.7%). The intent to die was present in 51.3% of these subjects. Social problem &/or comorbid psychiatric disorders were present in over 60% of cases. (31 refs.)