Year: 1997 Source: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, v.32, no.4, (May 1997), p.185-190 SIEC No: 20010906

This case-control study investigated the extent to which aberrant behaviours, in contrast to more traditional clinical factors, place individuals with schizophrenia at increased risk for rehospitalization. 101 recidivists (cases) were matched to 101 non-recidivist controls. Key informants, usually family members, were interviewed to assess behaviours during a 2-week period. After controlling for possible confounding variables, it was found that each aberrant behaviour increased the risk for rehospitalization, but highly disruptive or dangerous behaviours, such as attempting suicide, conveyed a markedly high degree of risk. It is possible hospitalization could be averted by closer collaboration between service providers & family members to identify these behaviours & intervene before hospitalization is necessary. (28 refs.)