Year: 2000 Source: Journal of Adolescence, v.23, no.5, (October 2000), p.605-613 SIEC No: 20010844

The present study examined 89 separate incidents of self-injurious behaviour displayed by 60 male young offenders, incidents which were recorded by prison staff on self-harm forms. The results show the reasons for starting a self-harm form can be separated into 2 main categories, actual self-injury or behaviours believed by staff to indicate a risk of self-injury. A believed risk of self-injury was the most frequently reported reason for opening a self-harm form. Self-injury does appear to occur relatively early on in periods of custody & inmates who display self-injurious behaviour appear distinct from the rest of the prisoner population. Differences are also evident between those subjects with only one form which has been opened & those with more than one form. Directions for future research are discussed. (17 refs.)