Year: 1998 Source: Adolescence, v.33, no.131, (Fall 1998), p.669-681 SIEC No: 20010725

The characteristics of male adolescent suicide victims with (n=84) & without (n=8) a diagnosable psychiatric disorder were compared. Using psychological autopsy methods, data were collected on all adolescent suicides in Finland during a 12-month period. Compared with adolescents with a psychiatric disorder, those with no disorder tended to come from less disturbed families, had shown less antisocial behaviours, & has less frequently utilized health care & social services. Adolescents with no disorder more often communicated suicidal thoughts for the firt time just before the suicide. It is concluded the process leading to suicide seems to be relatively short among male adolescents with no diagnosable psychiatric disorder. Communication of suicidal intent & problems with discipline are among the few clinical warning signs. (35 refs.)