Year: 1997 Source: Child Abuse & Neglect, v.21, no.12, (1997), p.1169-1176 SIEC No: 20010717

The present study compared reported histories & severity of child sexual abuse, child physical abuse, & both, in college men & women. 486 undergraduates completed measures of suicidality, sexual abuse & physical abuse. Based on their responses they were categorized into 12 mutually exclusive groups. Participants who reported both severe sexual & physical abuse reported more lifetime suicidality than participants who reported either mild sexual &/or physical abuse. Those who reported sexual abuse involving invasive sexual acts & physical abuse which resulted in injury were more suicidal than those who reported less severe abuse. Although combined sexual & physical abuse correlated with suicidality, unexpectedly there was no interaction. Women students endorsed more reasons for living than men & about the same level of suicidal ideas & global suicidality despite a greater likelihood of having been abused. (24 refs.)