Year: 1999 Source: Rockville, Maryland: Indian Health Service, 1999. 272p. SIEC No: 20010635

“Trends in Indian Health” is a collection of statistics illustrating trends in the health & health care of American Indians & Alaskan Natives in the jurisdiction of the Indian Health Service. It compares the health statistics of American Indians to those of Alaskan Natives, & compares both to those of non-aboriginal Americans in “U.S. All Races” & “U.S. White” categories. In the USA, American Indians, aged 15-24, are about 18 times more likely to die by suicide than non-natives; & between the ages of 25 & 44, about 25 times more likely to die by suicide. The ratio of aboriginal deaths by suicide compared to all-races is 7 to 1. Overall, aboriginal suicide has decreased 18% since 1973, and 1% since 1987.