Year: 1978 Source: British Dental Journal, v.145, (October 17, 1978), p.245-246 SIEC No: 20010555

This article briefly examined the death rates by age for male dentists during the period 1970-1972. The standardized mortality ratio remained high at 206 (compared with 140 & 270, 10 & 20 years earlier) but this is also a feature of a number of other professions with easy access to drugs. In the ranking of occupations by standardized mortality ratios, in 1970-72 dentists ranked 16th behind, among others, pharmacists, chiropodists, doctors, & nurses. There were 8 suicides among male dentists in the 15-64-year age group, & 1 suicide in male dentists, age 65-74 years. (2 refs.)