Year: 1998 Source: Befriending Worldwide, no.3, (1998), p.4-5 SIEC No: 20010318

This article reports on a survey of volunteer attitudes to suicide. In 1995, 179 volunteers from 5 Befrienders International Centres in India & the UK answered a 91-item questionnaire which explored attitudes to the causes, consequences, & morality of suicide, the intentions of those who take their own lives, & the relevance of suicide prevention centres, as well as respondents’ views about their own suicidal thoughts. One of findings from the survey indicates most volunteers believe suicide is definitely not or probably not related to mental illness, a marked contrast to what has been found in numerous psychological autopsy studies. About one-third of respondents indicated they have had suicidal thoughts but very few had actually attempted suicide or thought they would ever do so.