Year: 2000 Source: Proceedings of The Pavese Society, v.11, (2000), p.31-50 SIEC No: 20010303

This issue of “The Pavese Society” contains a number of brief biographies of famous people, or their family members, who have attempted or completed suicide including: Pier Angeli, Hobey Baker, David Begelman, Pierre Beregovoy, Paul Bern, Sir Henry Broughton, Kevin Carter, Kurt Cobain, Marcel DeSano, Budd Dwyer, Peg Entwistle, Frederick Fleet, Joseph Goebbels, Adam Gordon, Mary Hall, Oshio Heihachiro, Marguax Hemingway, George Hill, Phyllis Hyman, Eugene Izzi, Brian Keith, Kay Kent, Valeri Legasov, Louis II of Bavaria, J. Anthony Lukas, Donnie Moore, Phil Ochs, Billy Papke, H. Beam Piper, Jo Roman, Lazarus Salii, Everett Sloan, Inger Stevens, John Kennedy Toole, Randy Turpin, Lupe Velez, James Whale, Faron Young, Clare Booth Luce, Kathy Ormsby, Richard Meeker, Eugene O’Neill Jr., Diane Painter, Harriet Westbrook, & Mikhail Baryshnikov.