Year: 1991 Source: Therapeutic Recreation Journal, v.25, no.1, (First Quarter 1991), p.34-49 SIEC No: 20010289

This study tested selected aspects of Neuringer & Lettieri’s 1982 analysis of the cognitive patterns of suicidal women. 3 research groups of adult female inpatients with psychiatric disability were formed: a seriously suicidal group (n=14), a moderately suicidal group (n-9), & a group of depressed but nonsuicidal women (n=11). Analysis of variance was used for evaluation of divergent thinking & for attitudinal measures. Results indicated significant differences in evaluation & activity of the concept of life, evaluation of suicide, & in terms of activity & potency of women. No significant differences were found for dichotomous or divergent thinking. Clinical implications are discussed for therapeutic recreation intervention. (59 refs.)