Year: 2023 Source: Sydney, AU: Austroads Ltd. (2023). 109 p. SIEC No: 20231271

This report details research undertaken to investigate and understand the scope of suicides in road transport, to establish mechanisms to appropriately monitor over time and seek to reduce its impact. The report comprises four project streams defined and completed by an expert group, including Communications and Language, Data, Interventions and Research. Project methodology included in-depth literature reviews, quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis, and case studies.
It was found that suicide remains a significant issue in the transport system, and suicide was suggested to be considered as a component of the transport system, and transport and safety initiatives. Numerous communication-based initiatives with the potential to contribute to a reduction in suicidal behavioural involving road transport were additionally identified. Finally, it was determined that the impacts of road suicides touch a far wider number of working professionals than may have been first thought, and that the stigma often associated with suicide affects the documentation and compilation of valuable information.
As concluded in all streams, further research on this specific topic is necessary to initiate the development of an integrated approach. International experiences highlight the importance of addressing suicide in road transport according to its particularities, and to create the required tools to respond accordingly.