Year: 2022 Source: Statistical Journal of the IAOS. (2019). 35(1), 119-137. DOI: 10.3233/SJI-180446 SIEC No: 20220589

While many countries produce suicide rates, within country estimation practices may privilege the dominant society and fail to report suicide estimates for populations historically discriminated against. In Canada, national suicide mortality studies are rarely reported for Indigenous populations. Yet, this population is known for high suicide behavior. Administrative, census and survey data are available but are not systematically or critically analyzed. To address this gap, this paper provides an overview of social-political drivers to improve Indigenous statistics (particularly for suicide) and opportunities to report Indigenous suicide via different data sources in Canada. A case study illustrates the use of multiple data sources to report suicide and its correlates for an Indigenous group residing in the Province of Manitoba (Canada). Recommendations then follow to improve Indigenous statistics for suicide.