Year: 2021 Source: Armidale, NSW AU: University of New England. [2021]. 78 p. SIEC No: 20210170

Critical incidents and suicide are impactful on any workplace. In an industry with a higher burden of these events, it is timely to consider more nuanced preparation and response. The construction industry is both transient and stable. Site specific needs are met through a workforce recruited to manage time-limited functions. It is natural for the workforce to then move on to other sites. This unique flow of the workforce creates an interconnected web of individuals who may have other life pressures outside of the workplace that can influence the safety of their work and their longer-term wellbeing. Through a rapid review of the literature this report assesses the quality of the evidence related to workplace critical incidents and suicide. To supplement this assessment of the evidence, eleven key informants were interviewed to contextualise current knowledge and practice. These two activities have resulted in four key recommendations and a training structure for consideration.