Year: 2017 Source: Journal of Interpersonal Violence.(2015). doi: 10.1177/0886260515584339 SIEC No: 20170104

Three hundred and eighty-seven participants from the general population
completed the Suicidality scale of the Detailed Assessment of Posttraumatic
Stress (DAPS) and the Traumatic Events Survey (TES). Within the prior month, 14% of adults reported some degree of suicidal ideation and 2% reported an
active or passive suicide attempt. Multinomial logistic analysis indicated that, as compared with nonsuicidal participants, age, childhood physical abuse, childhood sexual abuse, and childhood emotional abuse were associated with recent suicide attempts, whereas recent suicidal ideation without attempts was predicted solely by emotional abuse. In contrast, adult sexual or physical
assaults were not associated with recent suicidality in any form.

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