Year: 2020 Source: Richmond, Victoria, AU: Australian Childhood Foundation. (2020). 15 p. SIEC No: 20200695

In this chapter, we explore the centrality of “deep” safety as a conceptual cornerstone in therapeutic work with children and young people affected by the developmental trauma that results from experiences of abuse and violence. We articulate an emerging framework for intervention that is based on a number of practice principles which integrate our own clinical experience and the insights offered by Polyvagal Theory. Its aim is to embed resonant experiences of safety within the everyday interactions with the important adults who care, educate and engage traumatised children and young people. We show how relationally oriented safety is resourced and facilitated through a sequenced therapeutic  process
that connects physiology and metaphors together in a form of reflective praxis. In each phase, we provide examples of questions and activities which illustrate the application of the approach in practice.