Year: 2016 Source: Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing.(2009).22(3):160-168. SIEC No: 20160590

PROBLEM:  If and how family support and self-esteem might interact to protect against adolescent suicide risk is not well understood.

METHODS:  Hierarchical multiple regression was used to examine the moderating effect of family support on the relationship between self-esteem and suicide risk behaviors among potential high school dropouts (N= 849), using questionnaires and in-depth assessment interviews.

FINDINGS:  Family support moderated the impact of self-esteem on suicide risk; the ameliorating effect of self-esteem was stronger among adolescents with low versus high family support.

CONCLUSIONS:  Self-esteem influences adolescent suicide risk behaviors for youth with low as well as high family support. Interventions designed to strengthen both self-esteem and support resources are appropriate.

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