Year: 2018 Source: Crisis. (2018), 39(2), 137-143. SIEC No: 20180664

Background: The Province of Quebec, Canada (PQ), witnessed a drastic rise in suicide among adult men between 1990 and 2000, followed by a continuous drop since then. At the end of the 1990s, men’s suicide became recognized as a social issue, leading to implementation of gender-responsive strategies focusing on positive aspects of masculinity. Many of these strategies received positive assessments.

Aims: This article offers a critical overview of the evolution of social responses to men’s suicide in PQ.

Method: We highlight elements of success with examples of interventions targeting men directly, professionals who work with men, and natural support networks of men.

Results: Results and discussion suggest the benefits to shift towards salutogenic, gender-transformative approach to men’s suicide prevention.

Conclusion: Closing remarks question the current gaps and upcoming challenges in suicide prevention among men.