Year: 2020 Source: Melbourne, Australia: Author, (2020). 34 p. SIEC No: 20200509

What is a suicide hotspot?
A ‘suicide hotspot’ has been defined as ‘a specific, usually public, site that is frequently used as a location for suicide and which provides either means or opportunity for suicide.’ More than one incident at a particular site suggests that action should be considered at that particular site.

Types of locations likely to be hotspots
Hotspots are often tall buildings, bridges, cliffs and other structures that provide an opportunity for jumping from a height. Rural or secluded locations such as car parks, roadside lay-bys, and bushland, have also become known suicide hotspots. Sections of train-lines, particularly in the vicinity of mental health facilities, and roads may also become hotspots.

How will action at hotspots help to reduce the suicide rate? Actions at suicide hotspots aim to interrupt the suicidal process, primarily by restricting access to suicide means, or by enabling another party to intervene