Year: 2017 Source: Crisis.(2016).37(5):353-360. DOI: 10.1027/0227-5910/a000390 SIEC No: 20170030

Telephone helplines are considered to play an important role in preventing suicide and self-harm among callers in distress. However, inconsistency in the methods of evaluating such services has limited the firm conclusions that can be drawn. Aims: To evaluate the efficacy of a UK-based helpline from a service user and helpline worker perspective. Method: Callers were asked about their mental state at the beginning and end of the call with a short questionnaire. Helpline workers were surveyed about their experiences of using the questionnaire as part of routine service provision. Results: The helpline was successful at reducing suicidal and self-harming ideation. The short questionnaire method was also successfully integrated into routine practice. Conclusion: Evaluating the efficacy of helplines can be successfully achieved using the short questionnaire method.

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