Year: 2019 Source: Geneva, CH: Author. (2019). 25 p. SIEC No: 20190742

This resource booklet provides information for filmmakers and others involved in the creation, development and production of content for screen (e.g. films, series, television programmes) or stage (e.g. theatrical productions) to ensure that portraying suicide on screen and stage is accurate and appropriate. It also aims to maximize the positive impact that portrayals of suicide can have, while minimizing any possible negative impacts, in particular among those who are vulnerable. As with media news reports, portrayals of suicide on television, at the cinema or streamed online can have imitation effects. In addition, if portrayals of suicide do not accurately represent reality, they can contribute to public misunderstandings of the nature of suicide, nurture myths and hinder effective suicide prevention. However, portrayals focusing on overcoming suicidal crisis can reduce the suicide risk among viewers. Furthermore, promoting such programmes or portrayals provides an opportunity to highlight the importance of seeking help and looking after oneself and others, and to provide messages of hope.